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19-Aug-09, 14:44

19-Aug-09, 14:57
say mr cat hehehehe where my tea

19-Aug-09, 17:21
Great photo Majic.:lol:

Here is my wee girl Suzy in a very unladylike pose!

19-Aug-09, 17:32
it must be a girl thing:):):) she looks like she has just eaten a hole tub of ice cream

19-Aug-09, 18:49
Hee hee. She often sits like that. Think she's airing her 'bits'!:lol::lol:

19-Aug-09, 19:00
I must remember that position.She is a lovely colour and looks very cuddly.

19-Aug-09, 19:12

She is a wee sweety but really nervous due to a bad start in life.

19-Aug-09, 19:24
wow she doesn't look nervous i don't know the past of my cat she was a stray and when we move here she moved in as well even though we have three dogs.

19-Aug-09, 19:28
Afraid she runs if we have visitors (mind you I feel like doing that masel sometimes!lol) and is spooked by loud noises and any change of routine.

Like your lovely cat she was a stray kitten who we 'fostered'.:lol:

It is so lovely that your one chose you. She knew where she would be well off.:D

19-Aug-09, 19:59
I was not really a cat lover but i think she has changed my mind. When we first moved here she was in a shed down the road that i used and she one me over, i fed her not knowing if she had a home and soon found out that she was a stray, i fed her all winter then one day i call her for breaky she came but was wet she had had 4 kittens in the shed so i phoned the cat protection league they said that they would take them at 8 weeks as long as i kept the cat so had her done and then she left the shed and moved in with me and every so often her boyfriend comes round for breakfast to (i think he was the dad) we did re home one kitten our self and he is so spoilt, did try to handle the kittens as much as pos so they would hopefully get a good home:)

19-Aug-09, 20:47
Aw good for you for caring for her and her wee family.:D

Not every stray cat in Caithness is as lucky sadly.

I love the thought of her boyfriend coming to see her!lol