View Full Version : Teething Puppy

19-Aug-09, 12:34

My Puppy is teething now, poor thing doesnt know what to do with herself.

Anyone got any tips on what i can do to help her?

19-Aug-09, 12:56
Aw poor wee puppy.:( She's lovely by the way!

Have you tried giving her some ice to chew on or a raw carrot which has been in the fridge for a while.

You can also get teething toys which you put in the freezer.

If you go along to Pets At Home they may have this. You can get teething gel as well.

19-Aug-09, 13:48
i tried the ice but she decided to leave it until it had melted!!

Thanks for the idea of the carrot will try that later

19-Aug-09, 14:08
A raw bone from the butchers works a treat.

19-Aug-09, 14:48
A raw bone from the butchers works a treat.

Yes good idea Unicorn. Anything hard and cold which she can gnaw on will help.