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19-Aug-09, 06:59
I am having problems with the latest firefox, with pages loading up automatic, while I am surfing the internet, been on their forum for advice, I have been told it could be malware and I have download Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware, did a check, it found over 100, but I can tell which is legt or no as some had registry keys mentioned. Any ideas.

19-Aug-09, 23:34
I'm using firefox too but my problem is the amount of updates and closing itself down to make it harder to open a new session. I had no problems for about a year then everything went haywire.

19-Aug-09, 23:48
Surprised none of the real techies haven't got in touch - lots of nasties arrive with registry keys.
I'd be inclined to let malware bytes ditch the lot then see where you are. I doubt if anything vital will go you can always reset to the point before you zapped the threats.
It worked for me in the past anyway.
Good luck

19-Aug-09, 23:49
Try Spybot as well.