View Full Version : Pampered Pets

17-Aug-09, 18:37
Well took my dog there for the first time yesterday dropped him off and told to collect him an hour and a half later.

They did a really good job cleaned all those bits I couldnt get to:eek:. What hair came off him. The lady said he blooked the drains with all his hair :lol: ops.

Will definately take him back again hes smells nice and clean, no sweaty dog smell anymore well for a day or two:Razz.

18-Aug-09, 10:47
Are they open in Thurso now? I'm probably way behind and they've been open for ages!

18-Aug-09, 16:02
Yes they are up in the Ormlie Industrial Estate took me a good 10 mins to find it :eek:.

19-Aug-09, 20:37
they do a great job my sheltie goes their every 3 months