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17-Aug-09, 14:18
Have to recommend this Barrier Cream I bought from Town & Country in Wick.
It's called Gardeners Therapies Liquid Glove Barrier Cream (by Scottish fine soaps) and i find it brilliant.

I put some on while in the shop and thought nothing of it cos my initial reaction was that it's a tad watery, however by the time we'd driven to Tesco I was raving so much about it that hubby made me buy some on the way back.

It smells amazing and it feels as though you have a satin glove on your hands but it is in no way greasy, oily or sticky.
Use it on top of your normal hand moisturiser and it's fabulous.
Cost me 6 for 350ml - well worth it. Plus it came with a lovely re-useable Hessian bag.