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17-Aug-09, 08:02
Does anyone know of any cross stitch websites that sell really good advanced cross stitch charts?
I'm just finishing the Ying Yang one and I'm looking for my next project. I'd actually like an intricate Rose or some other flower but it has to be intricate and look real or else it just won't hold my interest.
Also I'm looking for similarly intricate patterns of horses. Any ideas?

Also, can anyone recommend a really good cross stitch software that will turn photos to patterns. I once had a free one that was downloadable but you couldn't print the free version and i don't remember now what it was called.


17-Aug-09, 09:04
have u tried bb&c in wick
tel - 01955609044
email- bbandc@tiscali.co.uk
she might b able 2 help u

17-Aug-09, 13:48
Depression means I don't get out so much at the moment. I prefer to do as much over the net as I can but thanks for the suggestion that shop is an amazing place to go. ;)

17-Aug-09, 14:38
their really nice ppl so mayb she would be able 2 give u some web sites if u email her :)

17-Aug-09, 14:40
There is a lady in Lybster: http://www.caithness-cross-stitch.co.uk I think this will take you straight to her Ebay page though. If you search the internet you will get her details.
Try this its from an old post

17-Aug-09, 16:05
when I read this thread without logging in, it had an advert above it for this site:


Might be worth a browse!

17-Aug-09, 22:46
Hi, many thanks Annie for the link. Yes you are right the link goes to my Ebay shop and I have been in contact with porshiepoo.
My details are also listed in Arts section of caithness.org - http://arts.caithness.org/group.php?id=1719
Thanks again,

30-Aug-09, 19:30
Hi, sewandso.co.uk got everything next day post 1.00

01-Sep-09, 21:29
there some one in castle town who own her own shop the little nr the scool she sold the shop and now she,s got some old stock left may be she selling it off her names joe