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17-Aug-09, 07:17

How can this be OK in any country?
Just shows how little animals are protected in many countries that you would automatically assume are more forward and with the times.
I completely understand that the guy and his wife were bought up different to our western values but still............. eating your own pet dog!
At least it looked as though they saved the Black one. Hmmmm, that begs the question though, if they legally removed the Black one then surely the guy must have committed some offence for them to do so - if it's as legal as it says then why would they have the right to take the other one?

17-Aug-09, 08:13
personally i would never do it, but i can see the other side as well.
we raise pigs and cattle and sheep to eat and there's not really much dif.
especially with pigs i find.
a lot of people will just have one or two pigs, will talk to them every day, pet them and treat them as a pet up until the day they are slaughtered. they are very intelligent creatures and will come when called and walk along side of you. yet in our eyes they are nothing more than a bacon roll waiting to happen. dogs as pets is a relativity new thing for us.. i think it was only with Victoria that animals became pets. she started a trend that has carried on.
there's times that i randomly really think about becoming a vegetarian just because i start to think about sentience. and how many animals have it? do cows ? do pigs? its a very ethical question and one each of us has to ask ourselves. there's places where horse meat is a delicacy. and dog and cat meat is very common food among many people. even though i find it very distasteful i can not look at these things thru my own eyes it would be to horrible.

17-Aug-09, 11:49
I couldn't think of doing anything like that, my dogs are like my kids, and I wouldn't eat kids either.
But different cultures have different ideas. I know many asians eat what we consider domestic pets, but I hadn't heard that polynesians did as well. But then I suppose it doesn't suprise me all that much. I don't think it could be illegal to kill your dog humanely. We've shot some of our dogs that were a problem, ( we lived on a farm as a kid) and we kind of just got used to dogs being temporary sometimes (if they were a problem to other livestock mostly). Mind you I'm not a tough these days. I hate killing anything. But I do eat meat, though if I think about it too much I can't.

17-Aug-09, 21:07
suppose they see it as just meat.

I couldn't eat cat meat due to having two myself and one of them being as i fondly refer to her as "my baby" as i have had her since she was a kitten. She is truly my cat as she is still after a year not as trusting with my partner as she is with me. she very much so choose me.

I don't have a problem with eating birds but not other meat. not sure how that works lol. The last christmas when my dad was alive we had vension which he got from a friend. seeing him hack it up put me off. i'm a wimp lol.