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16-Aug-09, 21:36
Im about to emark on the task of decorating my bathroom...
does anyone no somebody who would be able to tile my bathroom...failing that im open to tips on how to do it my self...i r3eally think it would be quicker and safer to get in a proffesional...:lol:

16-Aug-09, 21:39
Robert Scollay is really good he is an electrician but does kitchens/bathrooms tiling everything really, has a very good name

16-Aug-09, 22:08
Try Carol Scollay , shes pretty good at the tiling as well SSK Tiling, 602095

19-Aug-09, 22:56
Mr Munro of Caithness Fireplaces, spot on tiler, made a great job of our utility floor tiling.

19-Aug-09, 23:12
Give it a go yourself, it may not be perfect this time but you only learn by trying. Each time you try you will improve, its messy but fun and satisfying.