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27-Mar-06, 16:28
We are getting a new PC tomorrow - how do we transfer software, internet connections and e:mail to new computer???

Thanks for your help

27-Mar-06, 17:12
I recently had the pleasure of switching PC`s and found the following useful;

For transfer of old computer to new computer the initial stage is to (My assumption is your are on XP) goto Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > "Files and Settings Transfer Wizard". This Wizard will then guide you step by step through the transfer process. It will also transfer your email settings from old to new machine.

You will need some form of psychical connection between the two machines (unless you are familiar with wifi this is you best bet).

(From the help files)

The easiest way to connect your computers is to use the null modem serial cable. To use the null modem serial cable:
Both computers must have an available serial port (also called a COM port).
You must have a null modem serial cable (also called a LapLink serial cable or a serial file transfer cable).
The serial cable must be long enough to connect the computers together.If you don`t have any form of psychical connection the other way is to use removable media (CD/DVD) to copy the old files and then reinstall them on the new machine. This can be long winded but you will always have a back up CD/DVD if anything goes wrong on the new PC.

Email/Internet settings are usually ISP specific, so either refer to your ISP homepage for your POP/SMTP server names for email before starting the transfer. The main pieces of information that you will want to write down are Username,Password,POP/SMTP server before commencing transfer.

It is a time consuming process and I would refer you here (http://www.pcanswers.co.uk/tutorials/default.asp?pagetypeid=2&articleid=38232&subsectionid=779) before you started the transfer process.

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28-Mar-06, 14:46
Thanks for taking the time to reply - your advice has been really helpful

28-Mar-06, 15:00
No problems BTW I meant "physical connection" !!! see above:)