View Full Version : siamese cat wanted

15-Aug-09, 02:17
Have searched for a siamese cat/kitten for many years now since my one died. There are no breeders in Caithness now. Does anyone know a breeder that is not too far away?

15-Aug-09, 22:03
hi fran tried 2 pm u but your inbox full
i no sumone who is looking for homes for her burmese cats which are very like siamese cats
let me no if you are interested

29-Aug-09, 16:57
Hi Fran we have cross siamese free to good homes if you want a picture get in touch

01-Sep-09, 21:00
There is Siamese kittens pure bred on the Scot-ads site just now i think the breeder is in Forres i came across them today sealpoints look really nice hope this is helpful to you ! :D

01-Sep-09, 22:43
Cross siamese are very interesting cats. My mum has two. They are very young cats(part of a litter she found abanded) and they have the siamese charastics in their faces and the very short hair.

I personally think siamese cats look evil. Its their eyes that i don't like much. So unfortuntaly when i come up north to visit my family it is their sibling i prefer. He's a long haired version of my cat and the one i have to watch out for. My mobile has a long leather strap attached to it as standard for the model and i take it for granted that it won't get chewed on as my cat doesn't bother with it but my mum's three kittens just love playing with it and biting it if i leave my phone somewhere other than in my coat pocket, even my back jean pocket isn't safe as the bravest of the three tried to play with it then too :lol: They're all wee monkeys but loveable ones :lol:

Good luck on your search Fran. I hope you find your new siamese feling friend soon.