View Full Version : Puppys nails!

14-Aug-09, 10:58
How do you stop a puppy chewing at his nails just started a few weeks ago and he is chew chew chew!!

I have had his nails clipped and had them checked out there is nothing wrong with them just seems to like doing it.

I thought i might be able to get a spray or something to stop him doing it im scared he will end up hurting his paws:~(

14-Aug-09, 11:08
If he is actually chewing his nails then I can't see anything wrong with that. One of my dogs has been manicuring his own nails for 8 years and does a better job than me...
However, if your puppy is also licking his paws then he is probably itching, which could be an allergic reaction to food, dust mites, grass etc
If he doesn't lick then he probably simply doesn't like the angle you are cutting his nails at ;-)