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04-Dec-03, 13:54
Does anyone know what on earth Thurso College was playing at, as detailed in the Courier yesterday? Is that the sort of thing they normally do? The whole thing, particularly turning up at a shop to deliver a sacking letter, seems really shoddy and amateurish, what's the standard of their teaching like if they can't do the personnel stuff properly?

05-Dec-03, 14:29
I think they were quite right to do that, least they caught her in the act and she couldn't lie her way out of it.

05-Dec-03, 23:23
I did not read the paper so what did she do so bad to get the sack fae christmass

06-Dec-03, 08:57
She phoned the college and told them she couldn't come in to work cos she had really bad period pains but they found out she was starting work at 12 or 2 in the Mace shop and went up there and caught her in the act, shelf stacking and told her she was sacked. This was 10 days before she was due to give up working at the college anyway so she took them to a tribuneral for unfair dissmissal - i think that's the story i can't remember now cos it was a few days ago i read it.

06-Dec-03, 12:18
Sounds like they were quite right, although I must say that this is only one side of the story. I never believe the newspapers.

06-Dec-03, 15:44
If we all believed everything we read... we'd be pretty dim, huh?

I'm glad she took further action. At least she's standing up for those of us who have been dismissed from our jobs unfairly. Many people who have this happen to them just lay low and don't say a thing.

Good for her :)

07-Dec-03, 14:05
At least she's standing up for those of us who have been dismissed from our jobs unfairly. Many people who have this happen to them just lay low and don't say a thing.

Sorry, but if the story about her working in a shop after phoning in 'sick' for work at the college is true, how can you say that she was sacked from her job unfairly? She committed fraud and in most places with any kind of sense that is gross misconduct and a sackable offence.

Yes, the college had a certain responsibility towards her; they are bound to provide a safe working environment, a minimum level of pay, holiday pay, etc. But does she, as an employee, not also have a level of responsibility towards her employer? Does she not have an obligation to turn up for work when expected (even after she handed in her notice) and to carry out that work in a professional manner? If she has a valid reason not to then I dare say that's fine, but to phone in 'sick' for one job so she can go to work in another? That's hardly fulfilling her end of the employment contract, is it?

Don't forget, the college would almost certainly still be paying her for that day, and they would also have had to find cover for her (either by bringing somebody else in or by her colleagues working harder to cover her absence).

And if what is reported here is true and the college turned up at her 'second' place of work to serve her letter of dismissal then I have to say, good on them. Don't you think her employer at the shop has a right to know what kind of a person she is? Do you really think she should have been spared the embarrassment of being exposed as a cheat?

It's not 'good for her' that she took this to tribunal, it's bad for those people with a genuine claim when people like this can try to use the tribunals to vent their anger at being caught cheating and lying.

Of course, I'm only going on what is written in this thread (the Courier website isn't carrying the story), but I can't think of any extenuating circumstances that would excuse this behaviour.

Colin Manson
07-Dec-03, 17:53

I think the point is that it was later in the day when the girl was handed her notice whilst working in the shop, so the issue is how long you really have to be sick for before you can work again at another job.... :roll:

Also the college didn't bother to interview her to find out the facts; we have rights as workers to protect us from being unfairly treated. I'm not saying that I think it is reasonable to call in sick for one job and then work at another place a few hours later but I believe that it is possible to feel very unwell for a while and then to be perfectly fit to work a couple of hours later.

I can understand why the college wanted to sack her immediately but without any investigation on their part it was never going to stand up in a tribunal. If it did would you feel safe heading down to the chemists to get something for your illness or would you have to stay indoors until you were fit to return to work? :D


07-Dec-03, 18:43
I assumed (perhaps wrongly?) that the time when she was found to be working at the shop overlapped the time when she was supposed to have been at the college. If that isn't the case then fine, she could have a case... but if it is the case then she really hasn't anyone to blame but herself.

07-Dec-03, 18:44
Incidentally - as I can't find the report - has this been to tribunal yet? If so, what was the outcome??

Colin Manson
07-Dec-03, 19:26
Lo again,

The jobs didn't overlap and yes it has been to tribunal. The result was in the girls favour and I think she was awarded ~£64.

She knew that it wasn't going to be a lot of money but she wanted to clear her name.


07-Dec-03, 20:39
Thanks Colin,

In that case I stand corrected and apologise for jumping to conclusions.