View Full Version : new pet, and pet died!!

mrs and mr brown
10-Aug-09, 10:57
well i havnt posted in a while, so i thought i would tell you all i finnaly found the perfect kitten, as some of you will know i have been looking for one for a while now. we got him for balmore hes a real cutie, hes black and white, we named him alfie, hes settled in very well, hes getting used to our dog, and he has expensive tastes he loves iams kitten food lol. and he loves getting cuddles and kisses all day {who doesnt}.

on a sad note, our beloved gunnie pig molly has died, no idea why or what happened, my daughted feed her in the morning {like always} and then we went down the street, came home and she had passed, its a great shame.

11-Aug-09, 17:51
So sorry to hear that. I have pmd you