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08-Aug-09, 20:52
We had to rescue a kestrel last friday (1st Aug) after it knocked itself out by going headfirst into Laurens bedroom window (1st time I have heard of this happening to 1 of these) which was odd as the blind was down so the reflection of the window wouldnt happen.

I wrapped it up in a towel and put it in a cardboard box in the shed then phoned the SSPCA. They came out and took him away within an hour which impressed me lots. Last sunday we had an update that he was doing fine but still a bit concussed and we would get to know when he was getting released!

22-Aug-09, 00:02
thats good he's ok, we've named our new house Kestrel view as there are loads of them near our house. can't say i've heard of them being so clumsy tho, hope it doesn't happen to us:lol:

23-Aug-09, 12:24
I've rescued a couple of stranded kestrels before - both banged into the window! It could be the idiot cousin of the raptor world - but I suspect it's more likely to be the sparrows and finches that tend to hang around the windows that are the cause.

07-Sep-09, 21:08
was at the local pub having a meal when one flew into the window just half an hour after replying to your post! amazingly as stunned as it was, and head facing the wrong way it managed to fly away!

08-Sep-09, 23:23
Hi in our latest wildlife explores (for kids) magazine there was an article re this and if you cut out the shape of the bird of prey and stick it into the inside of the window it prevents others thinking about coming to the area. Have article and the cut out birdie too if you want a copy!