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07-Aug-09, 18:21
Hi , I have a old hard drive that I never took the photos of before i had an upgraded one installed, i also had a processor put in, I have been looking inside the tower and connected the old hard drive with the new one the computer knows its there but i can not access it, if i disconnect the new drive the computer wont start up, any help would be great. thanks Chris

07-Aug-09, 21:42
Have you set the jumpers on the new drive to "master with slave present" and the old one to "slave" ?
What do you mean by "can't access it"?
I presume you run windows, is it not shown in windows explorer? If not, how do you know that "the computer knows it's there" ?

07-Aug-09, 22:07
yep i'd guess jumper issues too


07-Aug-09, 22:11
Hi, thanks jumpers set on new ,one old reinstalled need no jumpers to be slave its a seagate driver, when i go to my computer local disc c is there when i go to properties then hardware it has both drive numbers there but i dont know how to get in to old drive to get the photos of

07-Aug-09, 22:16
you should see more than one local drive
D: will be your DVD/CD

are any other listed?


07-Aug-09, 22:17
yes all the others are there its just the 2nd hard drive thats hiding

07-Aug-09, 22:20
ok how ok with this stuff are you

if i say check in device manageer to see if its listed know how?


07-Aug-09, 22:29
yes i have it

07-Aug-09, 22:33
right click my computer


then disk management

what is it status? does it have a drive letter assigned?

if it is listed there right click it in the top box and select explore

if not check all your other drives are ok.

you might still have jumper wrong.


07-Aug-09, 22:44
sorry for the delay under the added drive it has , healthy but unknown partition ?

07-Aug-09, 22:52
it has no letter assigned to it just TMQ01T4 , file system on disc c is NTFS file system on other is FAT32

07-Aug-09, 22:52
ok sounds like its gone hidden ntfs partition

this is not for windows [as succh]

but this thread gives answers

07-Aug-09, 23:03
ok last posts crossed
might not be that if its FAT32 but could be drive letter issue as in the thread give

let me know.

so just to be clear.
you only have the two HDD's new & old ?


07-Aug-09, 23:29
yes thats correct, do i need to convert the fats 32 to ntfs i found a command prompt but not sure where to put it you might hopefully know better what to do if anything with it, it says go to the command prompt and execute the command C:\>CONVERT C: /fs:ntfs, C: being the drive being converted ,have you seen this before will it help.

07-Aug-09, 23:34
unless its got a drive letter you cant convert it!

2nd bit to clear up

are these IDE or sata?

if IDE and these drive on the same lead

i'd suggest you put your old drive on spare connector on your dvd/cd IDE ribbon as slave.

get it off the same lead as the primary [new] drive

this could be where your issue lies

around till 2am

so i'll stick with it.


08-Aug-09, 12:00
I am beat thanks fo your help

08-Aug-09, 12:33
hey this is sortable

have you done as above?


08-Aug-09, 13:19
I have a dvd and a cd drive also the original dvd drive stopped playing cds, so i added a cd drive , this morning i unpluged the dvd drive and used that ribbon to connect to the hard disc, which is ide i think, thats the letters i saw coming up as the computer was starting up

08-Aug-09, 14:54
can you try something for me.

disconnect everything from one IDE ribbon so it has nothing on it.

run the pc
let it go thru what it wants too and once it has settled shut it down.

now make your old HDD a master on its jumpers.
connect it to the end connector on the vacant ribbon.

and restart.

log in and pop into disk manager.

does it have a drive letter now and if you right click and select open can you see the files?

if not, what is it saying aboutthe drive like it did before [healthy but unknown partition etc]


08-Aug-09, 16:10
removed the 2 hdd s from the ribbon left the disc drives connected they are on a sepreate ribbon was this correct, started computer came up with a black screen telling me what was connected in primary and secondery places, reconected old hdd as master same black screen, sec. master disc LBA,ATA 100 38495MB with the message on bottem left corner verifying DMI pool data boot from cd failure

so could not asccess the computer

i dont understand why when this was the original drive out the machine it wont work, has it been modified by the person who removed it

08-Aug-09, 16:51
sorry the natives are being restless this afternoon!!

no silly me
i didn't exp myself.

put your working HDD back in and get the PC going OK as normal.
leave off the CD & DVD drives so you have a free ribbon.

once the pc has rebooted ok and shutdown again.

put the old HDD on the end of the IDE lead as a master

reboot and tell me what is listed for onboard drives under disk manage of my computer/manage


08-Aug-09, 18:35
sorry but when i go to use the old hdd nothing happens the computer does not start, hdd connected to original ribbon,old hdd connected to cd ribbon when i go to my computer disc drive c is there and its comming up with a floppy being there but its disconnected, when i go to disc drive c and properties the 2 hdd are there

08-Aug-09, 19:31
now you're confusing me.

btw i take it you're using win xp?

right click my computer
hit manage
then hit
disk management

disk1 will be c:
disk 2 [what details do you have.]


08-Aug-09, 22:20
this is what i have now, yes disc c: then below that TMQ01T4, Partition, FAT32, healthy(unknown partition)

then in a box below that disc 0 is c: online 74.52 gb healthy system, and disc 1 is tmq01t4 online 35.86gb healthy unknown partition
hope this is if some help to you and thanks for your help

08-Aug-09, 23:05
The hardrive with the operating system on it will be set at active primary if u like so your old hardrive with the old operating system on it will be set as active or primary thats why ure having so much problems its not just the jumper settings its a software problem when you are adding a second hardrive via an ide cable you have to use software like partition magic which will regonise the drive and u can disable the old hardrive partion it and so on ?And you better watch and not mess to much about with the partion walls u could lose your info????
It might be easier to by a special cable that allows u to connect a hardrive externally to a usb port then u can take off the photos u need u would get that cable out of any computer shop .
Once u have all the info of the harddrive destroy it so no one else can take info of it

08-Aug-09, 23:13
yep partition magic is the answer

i was also doing this msg till eddie posted the above [thanks]

i'll leave this msg as another method to possly sort the issue.

ok thats twice you've got that
so i'll go with there being some issue with the partition on the HDD

you are going to need the ultimatebootcd

from this torrent site

then burn it as an .iso [image] to a blank CD using whatever software you have to do that.

once you have made it, you will need to boot from it
run file system tools,
then boot manager
the partition will have a hidden status on it.
Change it to unhidden

and see what happens then

obviously you will have to put your DVD drive back on to do all this and put your old HHD as a slave to the DVD drive

let me know how you get on.


09-Aug-09, 09:39
ok thanks both, so its the ultimiate pc repair cd i down load,

where about is the run file system tools setting, to get boot manager

09-Aug-09, 15:39
download the .iso file
burn it as an image to a blank cd

set your pc to boot from cd drive in bios

then let is run

you will see the menu from there