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07-Aug-09, 12:24
today is my birthday and I have just recieved the best present ever.............Brodie had tests done earlier this week to see how his liver is and the great news is that it is NORMAL!!!!!!

His liver parameters are NORMAL
his bile acids are NORMAL
there are no patent shunts (other shunts appearing after the original was tied off)
and best of all THERE IS NO LIVER DAMAGE (yes I know I am shouting!!)

today was tinged with a bit of sadness with it being my 1st birthday since mum passed away but this has more than made up for it.......I'm sure she is up there putting things right for us all.

thank you to all those who have been there for us with all we went through with Brodie - your support was truely wonderful - I hope you find this news as good as we do xxxxx

here's a photo of him taken yesterday, as you can see the hairy look has been exchanged for a sleeker one (he was matted that much I had to get it done!!) I was going to get Mucky pups to do it but had to cancel the appointment but luckily the groomers in Nairn were able to fit him in one weekend when we were at the caravan

He is now 30kg of pure muscle and will be 1 year old on 11th August :Razz:Razz


Anne x
07-Aug-09, 12:28
Fantastic News so glad Brodie is doing so well have a great day

07-Aug-09, 12:50
That is absolutely brilliant news!!!!! Yay Brodie!!!!:lol:

Yes I am sure your Mum was making sure you had the best birthday present you could ever have and that is a completely healthy Brodie.

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday! xxx

07-Aug-09, 13:06
Thats the best birthday present ever.:D

Brodie looks a different dog with his hair cut.:eek:

07-Aug-09, 13:20
doesn't he just - a more mature look about him

to think he looked like this a few weeks ago :eek: I know which i prefer but afraid it had to be done


Margaret M.
07-Aug-09, 13:21
Have a very happy birthday, Dragonfly. The news is wonderful! Brodie looks lovely and is probably enjoying having a lighter coat in the warmer weather.

arana negra
07-Aug-09, 13:35
THATS FANTASTIC NEWS a lovely happy healthy dog is a great thing to see. A very happy birthday to you :)

07-Aug-09, 15:03
Ah I thought it was you I saw when we were up the river feeding the gulls today :lol: Happy Birthday

07-Aug-09, 15:29
DUH!! you should have said!!!!!!! and you were feeding the gulls, poor ducks never had a chance did they!

07-Aug-09, 15:32
in celebration of my birthday and of Brodie being a "normal" dog I got wine and he got a bone, the 1st he has ever had - here's a few pics of him enjoying it

mmmm smells good

mmmm tastes good

mmmm it is good

07-Aug-09, 17:12
Oh these photos of Brodie tucking into his bone are brilliant!

The look on his face says it all. Um um!:lol:

Hope he keeps it outside or your carpets will suffer!lol

07-Aug-09, 18:04
That's fantastic news, long may he stay happy and healthy now :)

07-Aug-09, 19:46
Excellent news about brodie!

And he looks cute without hair too! Doesnt matter if he was pink or purple! Still a gorgeous dog! :D

07-Aug-09, 21:23
Fantastic news....so happy for u all.He looks wonderful...
Happy birthday to u too...although I know it is tinged with sadness.Very best wishes .;)

Kevin Milkins
07-Aug-09, 22:12
Who said there is no light at the end of the tunnel?

I am glad to hear that Brodie is well again and that life is back on track for you after a very testing 12 months for you all.

He is some dog and I am sure he will bring many a smile to all of us in the years to come.

11-Aug-09, 12:13
Have read so much about Brodie :D. It was great to meet him at the Scrufts Dog Show on Sunday, he's a fab boy (and so is Bailey) and it's great that he's in good health again!!!:D

11-Aug-09, 21:40
What great news,after what must have seemed like an eternity of worry he's looking so well...and HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY Brodie :lol:

11-Aug-09, 22:19
Happy belated Birthday to you and a very happy First Birthday to Brodie ! Hope this is a much better year for you - All finally Seems to be going well now ! ! :D