View Full Version : Stuck CD!

26-Jul-09, 13:29
I have just a CD into the 'drawer' on my PC and it has jammed!:(

Any ideas on how I can get it out please?

26-Jul-09, 14:13
There should be a very small whole somewhere at the front of the drawer, usually just underneath.
Get a small wire (an bent open paper clip will do) and push it into the whole. That should open the drawer a little bit, releasing the lock, so that you can grab it and open it manually.
Get your CD out, remove the wire and try to shut it by pressing the button as usual. If it works open and shut it a couple of times before you put another CD in.

Good luck.

26-Jul-09, 14:44
Thanks ever so much for replying Stefan.

However, I have just tried what you suggested and still can't get the drawer to open.:(