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elastic band
25-Jul-09, 12:44
hi orgers,
yet again looking for advice from the experts. The missus and myself are looking to take our 3 teens to Florida next summer and want to stay in a villa with private pool. We have never been to America and the kids want to do all the Disney type stuff and as i don't fancy driving over there wondered if anyone had booked a villa which had good public transport links to all the tourist type things for family. We are looking for 10-14 days type thing -probably the 2 weeks option. Any advice, info, destinations would be fantastic and very, very much appreciated. If anyone can supply who you booked with etc then it would make my life so, so much easier. We just want to have a great family holiday before they go to uni or fly the nest and the missus is already fretting about them leaving so this holiday is very special for us all.

thank you to anyone who takes the time to reply

25-Jul-09, 13:18
if you stay on one of "the disney resorts" they will probvide transport to the parks ;)

25-Jul-09, 14:35
If u have a look on The Dibb its a site like the org, any questions that need to be answered u will find out there, & there is loads of villas to rent on it most of them have private pools & games rooms. It really is a great site i canna stay off it.

lynne duncan
20-Aug-09, 11:47
buy the brits guide to orlando
and join this website, www.thedibb.co.uk
its like the org but for florida fans
but watch you'll get hooked on it as it is brilliant

thedibb has travel reports and they give fantastic insight into what each park can provide and where people have stayed whether villa or hotel
if you're looking for a villa, then most are in small communities, again the dibb has a wonderful section with villas and it shows on an interactive map where the villas are in relation to the disney sites and also to the international drive where seaworld and the majority of the hotels,
most of the villas on thedibb re owned by brits and there is a handy tool where you can enter how many folk, how far from disney etc


if you're not keen on driving, then staying onsite with disney could be an option and there are some very repuable taxi firms to transport you to the likes of seaworld. if you are staying in disney, they provide free transport between the parks.

also in international drive more and more of the hotels are providing suites, ie 2 bedroom and a seperate kitchen dining area to give you the extra chill out space

the villas probably do require a car but driving in florida is really easy, honest!!!
anymore info you want just yell

but it is the most fantastic place for a holiday

denise in arcade travel has helped us book our hols before

also i can but again say check thedibb website out because it would answer your q's to everything

would recommend 14day pass all inclusive to disney which would allow you unlimited acces to the four parks and the water parks, also seaworld
this webite is but one where you can get your tickets from
we booked with this lot but it pays to shop around for the best offers

hope this helps

20-Aug-09, 14:04
Hi elastic band, my OH and his family just got back from Florida 2 weeks ago, good choice, it is excellent!
We stayed just outside of Orlando in a place called Kissimee. We had a 5 bed villa with a pool, but it did involve driving. But we were only 10 mins from Disney.
If you stay on International Drive there are lots of public buses but I don't know if it is only hotels (with communal) there.
Our holiday was booked with Virgin holidays. They could not have been more helpful!
I hope this helps, feel free to PM me for more details etc..