View Full Version : Missing Kitten (St Magnus Road, Thurso)

24-Jul-09, 11:51
Has anyone seen a tabby kitten with bits of ginger that has gone missing from St Magnus Road. She is very friendly. She is also micro chipped. 07795620400

26-Jul-09, 15:50
i hope u find your wee cat

27-Jul-09, 11:26
Thanks for that, we have searched high and low and havent found her, I just hope that someone has her, and hands her into the vets or Balmore, my boys and my dog Archie are missing her, she was a right character.

15-Aug-09, 18:31
Just to let you all know our wee kitten was found in Murkle!!! she was handed into balmore, i would like to say a big thank you to the lady who handed her in.

15-Aug-09, 19:06
wow, how did she end up in Murkle??? glad she is back with you but would suggest you get her fitted with a GPS tracking device :lol:

15-Aug-09, 23:33
Oh so glad you got your kitten back.

Sounds like she has sneaked a ride on some vehicle.:confused