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23-Jul-09, 22:43
This has got to be one of the sickest, most evil things I've ever heard of.[evil]

WARNING - Don't click the link if you are easily upset about cruelty to cats.

In my opinion, whoever did this should literally be skinned alive :mad:

I hope when they catch him/her they lock them up and throw away the key, not least because people who start out torturing animals often end up torturing and killing people.

23-Jul-09, 23:04
[disgust]The cruelty some animals endure is beyond belief. Thankfully most are loved but there are some that live.. and die in misery.Understanding what some humans do and why is impossible. I hope the cat gets over this experience and recovers well,whatever the outcome and that the person/persons responsible are found and prosecuted before another animal is harmed.

23-Jul-09, 23:24
Cannot say what i would like to say on here would be banned lol but whoever did that is a sicko of the worse order hate poeple who do things like that to poor little animals x

24-Jul-09, 14:40
It's beyond belief the cruelty thats inflicted on defenceless animals and children by sadistic people, but what ever happens to these people when they get caught for animal cruelty? More often than not it's a slap on the wrist and a ban from keeping animals for a while. The justice system here should take a leaf from American law, where people convicted of animal cruelty go to prison. Personally i can't say on this forum what i would do to this person/people without getting barred, if one of my cats came home with an injury inflicted by a person i wouldn't wait for the law to sort it out!!!!!!!

27-Jul-09, 12:06
that is so so sad i clicked on it and i was so upset it is horrable for people 2 do that :~(

from minibalto

13-Aug-09, 21:57
Some people are just sick and horribly cruel. Do these sick people think about the animal? No they just think of the joy they get harming the animal or getting back at someone else through the act.
Glad the cat is ok now after losing the tail (well so i heard)
I live in the other side of inverness from where it happened and my tom cat gets out. i hope he never comes home harmed as if i ever found out who had hurt him i don't think i could contain myself. people who harm animals and children are scum and are pure evil or missing a screw to do it. [evil]