View Full Version : Grass Cutting?

22-Jul-09, 22:02
Does anyone know if there is anyone in Wick who would be able to come and cut grass with their petrol lawnmower?

Our lawnmore exploded a few weeks ago, then Mr KCI hurt his back, so our grass is really long. I don't want to risk using the new lawnmower in case we break it! :eek:

22-Jul-09, 22:19
Hi, Hymie Sutherland cuts grass, he stays at the hillhead school, maybe he would do it for you, sorry i dont have a contact number for him x

Tilly Teckel
23-Jul-09, 15:08
We're in Lybster and my OH David does garden maintenance/tree surgery - sure he'd come and have a go at your grass for you! You can call us on 07926 989951.


23-Jul-09, 16:35
Thanks for all the replies and pm's everyone!

We managed to get Hymie to cut the grass today - he's done a great job, and what a relief to have a tidy garden again! :D