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21-Jul-09, 12:29
I'm considering getting a decorator in to tackle my upstairs/downstairs hallway.

Its got high ceilings on the staircase side and to be honest there is no way i could tackle it - i wouldnt know where to start!

If i do get a decorator in i'm hoping they'd give all the skirtings a lick of paint too.

Any recommendations? Hopefully someone that charges reasonably :D

Thank you!

21-Jul-09, 14:13
Try Brian Green from McAllan & Co. painters, i know people who have used him before and his work is good and reasonably priced

22-Jul-09, 15:47
you shop around and get 2 or 3 painters to give you a price first,
and ask who there have done jobs for before,so you can ask,
if the where pleased with job, as there are some cowboys out

22-Jul-09, 20:02
hi, i just got A.L decorator in to do my kitchen and he did a brilliant job and very resoanable prices, he has just started out on his own business so very reliable. his number is 07500272118
hope this helps