View Full Version : Occasional Dog sitter urgently needed

21-Jul-09, 11:49
Occasional dog sitter urgently needed to look after my dog when I have to work away occasionally for 5/6 hours. Also maybe overnight.
He is medium size, aged 9, well behaved, obedient, affectionate, but does pull a bit on the lead.Is used to cats and other dogs.
Please pm me for payment rate and further details.

21-Jul-09, 12:50
Have you tried highland petcare fran they are excellent and their rates are pretty good too have used them a few times x

21-Jul-09, 14:54
Good luck,fran....;)

22-Jul-09, 20:22
hey we have pmd you about the dog sitting

22-Jul-09, 21:45
Surely ,someone out there might be able to help Fran??I know a lot of u seem to know/like Fran,so at her time of need....can one of u not step into help.

Just my thoughts...I knoow how difficult it is to get doggy care at times,so know how Fran feels.
Go on..do a good deed.;)

22-Jul-09, 22:33
Hi fran,
Your inbox is full. People may be trying to contact you.:)