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19-Jul-09, 03:58
Planning a new laptop as my last one has bit the dust at 3 years old (Acer)

Any recomendations on a more reliable machine around 11-13" screen

19-Jul-09, 07:32
I think its a hit or a miss on how long a laptop lasts depending on how much u use your laptop and to be honest about i dont think it really matters what brand u get acer is only the name that builds the laptop up the parts inside will be used in other laptops.
If money wasnt the issuse i would be tempted into buying an apple they say the apple is reliable and the hardware is built for the software

19-Jul-09, 08:33
Overheating can be a big problem on life span. I would suggest getting a good laptop cooling pad and fan. Some are made for desk use but there are a few that are very comfortable on your lap.

Alice in Blunderland
19-Jul-09, 08:43
:lol: In my house they don't seem to last long before they are in for some sort of work to be done on them thanks to the kids. Sure BOB ;) [lol]

That said we have a DELL laptop I'm not very technical so that's all I can remember about it without going and getting it and it is now over six years old and still going strong.

19-Jul-09, 09:27
Aye AIB lol. I'm not going to get into which make to buy as they're pretty much horses for courses these days. All come with at least a 12 month warranty, so if something goes wrong during that time then you are covered, but I've worked with new ones which haven't lasted much past their 12 month warranty (sickener), and also ones which are 5 years+ and still going strong.

One problem most people discover is that the battery life drops off substantially over time. This effect can be reduced by either running the laptop without the battery in (i.e. on mains), or, if you have to have the battery in for mobility, allow it to charge up fully, then unplug and run the laptop off the battery until its about to die, then plug it in again, then just keep repeating the cycle.

Overheating can also be a problem. Although they're called laptops, depending where the fan(s)/air vents are, it's not a good idea to have it on your lap if it is blocking said fan(s)/vents. My recommendation would be a lap tray which will help airflow around the laptop.

The power supplies themselves are quite often the first thing to go, but can be replaced with a generic model from Ebay.

Other than that simply being sensible with it - not mishandling, storing somewhere safe when not in use, not eating/drinking around it, and, as with all PCs, backup your files regularly just in case - remember that no matter how well you look after it, it is just technology and sods law states that it always go wrong just when you need it most!

Good luck :D

19-Jul-09, 10:33
I have a compaq presario laptop which is still working fine after 12 years.

However, a word on laptop batteries:
You don't need to cycle them to virtually dead and then recharge them fully these days. This was true when it was NiCad batteries, but these days all laptop batteries are NiMh technology and they don't need to be cycled.

They do suffer from getting too hot though and that is probably what kills off many batteries shortly after your warranty is up.
Rule of thumb: if you are connected to the mains take the battery out. Keep it in a dry cool place (fridge is a good place!). It can add years to the life of your battery.

Kevin Milkins
19-Jul-09, 12:34
I am still on my first laptop that I bought in June 2004, it's a Systemax Tour book.

Apart from the screen going a bit wonky and came right again it's fine, used every day and has been on my travels with me.:Razz

Also I have never taken the batery out and it is pluged into mains 24/7 unless I use it off mains and the the batery lasts about 45 minutes.

19-Jul-09, 12:55
Well a reasonable laptop battery should last 2+ hours if not kept on the mains 24/7 - just enough for the kids to watch a DVD on the way to Inverness :D

Alice in Blunderland
19-Jul-09, 17:39
Well a reasonable laptop battery should last 2+ hours if not kept on the mains 24/7 - just enough for the kids to watch a DVD on the way to Inverness :D
:lol: if mine watched a DVD on the way to Inverness they would be throwing up by Berriedale. :lol: Brave man.

22-Jul-09, 21:22
I paid a bit more than I normally would for my laptop but it has several bells and whistles such as a TV tuner with scores of channels. After 10 months Dell phoned to offer me a 3-year extension to the guarantee for 160 - evertything covered including labour, and someone comes to my house 'next day' (well, maybe not in Caithness - 2 days maybe) to fix it if broke. On a 1000 laptop I thought that was a good deal, and I have another 3 years without worrying about breakdown.