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18-Jul-09, 21:35
Hi, when shopping on line i usually do it through ..easyfundraising.com or shop and collect on nectar.
About a month ago when attempting to shop through either of these ,and clicking onto the link of the shop a new tab opens but nothing appears on the page
the addreess at the tops are ..rover.ebay???
or ad.click(something like that)
I have run a scan with my kaspersky and malwares ..all is fine
cant think of any programmes i have downloaded apart from ..kodak easyshare and Ashampoo burning software..but cant see these being the problem.
I assume its something to do with java?
Anyone any ideas

p.s I can get into any of my shops as long as i dont go through ..my easyfundraser or nectar.

18-Jul-09, 21:49
You need to tell us exactly what the address is at the top of the page when you click on them through the easyfundraising or nectar.

Go here (http://viperdb.scripps.edu/enable_javascript.php) and click the Check Javascript link to see if it's enabled (you'll get a popup box if it is and nothing if it's not).

What browser do you use? Are there any plugins in the browser for ad filtering?

What antivirus or suite do you use?

What operating system are you using?

19-Jul-09, 11:16
I am using vista home premium, using IE7 and sometimes firefox (pages wont open in firefox either)
I have kaspersky internet security
have checkd my plugins, javascript is enabled, cannot see any plugins for ad filtering.
http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/710-53481-19255-0/1?type=1&campid=5335837246&toolid=10001&customid=0000036822 this is the page displayed when on easyfundaising when attempting to shop on ebay.

and this one from nectar .again trying to get into ebay.

I can access these through my other laptop but not this one ..although i was able to until recently .So it must be something i have done on here but i dont know what:confused
thanks for any help

19-Jul-09, 12:56
The pages you listed just look like normal affiliate pages to allow Nectar and Easyfundraising to track what you are buying (and give you points etc.).

Can you go to this (http://www.dyndns.biz) page and tell me if you are redirected to another page in 10 seconds?

The only thing that I can think of, since it's happening in both browsers, is that it's Kaspersky Internet Security. After trying the page above, can you disable it completely to see if it helps?

When you say you were able to view it before, was Kaspersky installed?

19-Jul-09, 14:56
Thanks Paul it is definate my Kaspersky security that is blocking it!!!
now to find a way to allow it !!
I forgot i only installed that 6 weeks or so ago:D thanks

got it!!!! my ad blocker settings now adjusted