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18-Jul-09, 11:36
hi does anyone know if anywhere runs these training classes, if so could you let me know where and what time? or if there is someone who could help in this area, as we havent had a dog before though it would be benefical for him and us!!

thanks in advance for helping

18-Jul-09, 23:19
Hullo! How's wee Mac? Carolyn Poulton runs classes on a Sunday at Bower. The puppy class used to start at 10. :D

19-Jul-09, 03:43
do you know if they are still running?

19-Jul-09, 08:05
Yes, Carolyne Poulton runs puppy training classes at the field next to Bower Hall on a Sunday at 10am, have pm'd with more details.

She is a great trainer, you'll do really well with her.

24-Jul-09, 22:42
oh well start the classes on sunday, hope we get on fine, need someone to learn to answer me, wonder if she works wonders with children!!!

just need to crack this toilet training business and we will be home and a lot more drier!!!!

still rome wasnt built in a day so to speak

25-Jul-09, 08:20
Good luck for tomorrow, I'm sure you'll both do just fine!

25-Jul-09, 11:33
thanks neepnipper.