View Full Version : Car Radio Repairs

17-Jul-09, 16:15
Is there anyone in Caithness that can repair car radio`s? The CD has packed up on my Ford 6000 CD. Ford will only exchange it.Don`t want to pay silly money though.

17-Jul-09, 16:32
My brother removed the CD/Radio player from the Mondeo I sold him, I'm sure that was the 6000 Series, from a 1997 R-reg, I'll see if he still has it....possibly cheap or even free if I ask nice enough. I'll get back to you in next couple of days, I'm driving up to Glasgow through the night tonight so shall see him early tomorrow.

17-Jul-09, 16:36
Thanks Jox,I`ve got a replacement but wanted the original one repaired incase this one does the same.Mine is the 6000cd from a Facelift Mk3 Mondeo so your one wouldn`t fit.Cheers though Mik.

17-Jul-09, 22:06
Overloch in Wick should be able to help. The chap there is brilliant with electrical stuff.