View Full Version : Pit-Stop

16-Jul-09, 16:23
Hi Have you tried the take away and restaurants in Bridge St Wick Recommend it for food as a family meal. I found it very good for value for money.

17-Jul-09, 13:26
Oh yum they are relly good never sat in but have had the odd takeout and never been dissapointed. The coleslaw is very good.

eric pollard
17-Jul-09, 13:39
and better cheese burgers than macdonalds chips to die for and every time the same not like other places my wife and i often get food from there and its the best of its sort in caithness !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

17-Jul-09, 13:46
mmmm cheeseburger with coleslaw. think thats where i will be heading for t tonight!!!!

17-Jul-09, 19:34
We had suppers from there last Sunday,steaming hot n tasty.

17-Jul-09, 22:28
Can someone tell me what times it is open, as every time we are in wick they are closed even when its obvious times of day, that you would have something to eat?