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16-Jul-09, 08:59
well after the joy of Lima having twins monday morning, i have sadly lost my boys Mojo and Fuffles.

monday night i moved Cuba (dad) and Fuffles (4 month old son) to a seperate cage and all was well. Fuffles was alive yesterday morning at 9am, but by 12 he was gone. he was old enough to leave his mum so i know its wasnt a nursing issue, and there were no signs of injury to him, and no changes to his food. thinking back he had been a bit subdued tuesday night, was lifted and handled without the usual chase around the cage so he was obviously feeling off then, and it could have been stress related due to leaving his mum/cage change, however, checking in on the others i found Mojo looking not right, very subdued, later lying on his side, handled without argument, so i got him to the vets. nothing obvious to see, tho signs he was getting diorrea was not a good sign, so vet gave him an antibiotic injection to see if it would help, and i put him in a cage on his own for the night. he was still not right all evening, and this morning he is gone.

while the rest of the chin family appear fine, i am concernd it may be something that could take them all, Mojo and Fuffles were in seperate cages so its odd that they both went. the only link i can think of is wooden chew toys i bought on tuesday which i gave them all (and have since taken out just in case) i will be keeping a close eye on them all now to check of any signs they are poorly, and fingers x'd they all remain well.

R.I.P Mojo & Fuffles xx

16-Jul-09, 09:17
Its so sad when one of our beloved pets dies but you've just lost two and so unexpectadly.:~(

16-Jul-09, 09:27
So sorry...bless them both.U seem such a caring person...and did ur very bost for them.:(

16-Jul-09, 12:13
How sad for you....hope the rest of your little chins are not affected. Keep us posted please.:(

16-Jul-09, 13:12
So sorry for you Kriklah,hope the others will be ok.:(

16-Jul-09, 13:46
I am so very sorry that you have lost two wee chins.:~(

Like the others I truly hope the rest will be okay.

07-Aug-09, 20:06
How sad! I'm really sorry for your loss. I hope that your remaining chins remain in good health. I hate unexplained illnesses! They are so frustrating!