View Full Version : Laptop/Internet help please

15-Jul-09, 22:06
At the moment i have a desk top and my provider is AOL dial up. I have bought myself a laptop but i am not sure how to set it up to my existing provider aol account i already have. My new computer is Windows Vista. I also do not have the installation disk as it was a while ago i did this.

15-Jul-09, 22:40
Can you call AOL and ask them for a disk?

What is the modem (make and model) and is your email with AOL?

15-Jul-09, 22:46
My email is with AOL and im afraid i am not 100% sure about the modem info sorry.

16-Jul-09, 03:36
You will definitely need a new router and disk with Vista.
Give them a call and they will sort it out in short order.
Probably cost you an 18 month contract though.:eek:

16-Jul-09, 10:06
You will definitely need a new router and disk with Vista.

You may not need a new modem. It all depends on the make and model as to whether it will work with Vista. If it won't you can always purchase one separately without going through AOL.

Katrina, you need three things to proceed from here on your own:

1. The make and model of the modem - you will find this by looking at the modem itself, probably a sticker underneath, to get the details.

2. Your welcome letter from AOL with your username and password to connect to the broadband - if you won't have this then call them for the details.

3. Your AOL email username and password - again if you don't have this then you should call AOL.

Without those details you won't be able to set it up on your laptop.

My advice is that if you can't do this yourself you get somebody in to help. Without some knowledge this process can be a bit fiddly - not difficult just fiddly.