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15-Jul-09, 15:51
Hello, i am needing help to find someone that will carry out a tiling job on our kitchen floor. The current tiles are broken and are no longer available, our insurance company has requested a quote for the work that is needing done. Does anyone know of someone or a company that will be able to carry out this work? I dont know of many places us here that are able to do this or are specialised. Hometech in wick said we could go in with the measurements and they could give a quote but would not actually come over an assess the damage. Help please . Thank you

15-Jul-09, 21:37
We used Bob at Homefixit for insurance quote and repair work to damage last year. He advertised on the org although he was recommended to us. Our insurance assessment was done by "Rainbow" in Inverness. They may also be able to point you in the right direction.

18-Jul-09, 10:45
thank you poppet, ill look into it. Px

19-Jul-09, 01:48
contact amy whitehouse on here, her relative does tiling.

26-Aug-09, 10:42
Carol scollay ssk tiling 01955602905 excellent rate excellent job :Razz

26-Aug-09, 18:34
Carol scollay ssk tiling 01955602905 excellent rate excellent job :Razz

I second that - Carol is excellent, reliable and her work is first class. She tiled 2 floors for me in my holiday home - mexican slate. The finish is fantastic. Her prices are very competative.

26-Aug-09, 19:14
We used John Budge of JB Tiling. Easily the best job i;ve seen. Delighted with the results in our bathroon. p.m me for his contact details.

31-Aug-09, 23:17
i would highly recommend John Budge, he is a proper time served tradesman,and has been tiling for a good few years, i always feel experience counts at least you have a fair idea of quality of job they will leave