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Marty McFly
22-Mar-06, 00:52
If you ever want to look up your old school pics, try this site...

www.worldschoolphotographs.com (http://www.worldschoolphotographs.com) ;)

22-Mar-06, 00:53
I hate it when people post this - I fall for it every time!!!

22-Mar-06, 00:56
LOL! I can't believe it found me!

Cedric Farthsbottom III
22-Mar-06, 01:00
:lol: :lol: :lol: .........good one Marty.Waiting I was to see the pictures then.....................DOH!!!!!!!

ice box
22-Mar-06, 01:02
LOL you have found me but iam the guy on the right the good looking one

22-Mar-06, 01:17
[lol] I'm no falling for that one again.....

the original ducky
22-Mar-06, 09:56
at first i thought great ill give it a try, lol lol. well thank you very much what a laugh, i aint gunna fall for that again. ha ha

22-Mar-06, 10:12
The really annoying thing about this (apart from falling for it again:( ), is that the concept is a fantastic one if it was real. Now there is no chance of it going ahead as twice bitten thrice shy!![smirk]

22-Mar-06, 10:58
Very funny[lol] [lol] [lol]
I'm the cute one in the middle

22-Mar-06, 11:11
Yes - very good fell for it