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15-Jul-09, 08:23
Has anyone laid Homebase Tile effect 8mm Tile Effect laminate flooring if so whats the opinion?
Anyone got ideas what is best for kitchen / conservatory area ?

Alice in Blunderland
17-Jul-09, 19:02
I have Rhino floor -wood effect in my conservatory and its excellent.

I can scrub it and if the kids spill stuff on it I don't panic at all as it wipes away. I have cleaned crayon and paint off this flooring as we have allowed them to use this space for arts and craft.

I can highly recommend this flooring. :)

18-Jul-09, 10:41
I have laminate tiles on my kitchen and they are fab. Wash very easy and can get anything off them i.e. crayon, paint, felt tip etc etc.
The only thing you have to watch is that because = the floor has to be able to move it can sometimes result in the tile lines being off but it is normally only one plank it will affect.

18-Jul-09, 18:20
This type of flooring is real value for money and is really durable,and washes up like new everytime.

19-Jul-09, 17:45
Thanks for the replies, I have decided to go for Rhinofloor just hope it is going to be ok as there is a fairly large area to cover.

20-Jul-09, 12:45
I would also highly recommend Rhinofloor.

I have this in the kitchen and it is so hardwearing. It makes the rest of the flooring look 'shabby' so am going to replace it all with Rhinofloor by time.

It is quite a bit more expensive but worth it as it lasts much longer.

22-Jul-09, 10:58
This is probably a good option as not all wood / laminate floors cope so well with water which in the kitchen would be a drawback.

http://www.jgpwoodfloors.com (http://www.jgpwoodfloors.com/)