View Full Version : Losing links and dropdown menus on the Org.

14-Jul-09, 17:54
I have the unenviable task of fixing my mother's computer. The problem is that she can't get on Facebook to keep in touch with family because some of the links and features don't appear on her screen, the very same with the orange links and dropdown menus on the Org taskbar. I think it is a flashplayer problem or of similiar ilk. The problem is that I can't even download the latest player from adobe either because of the same problem, the download link doesn't appear!!

Can anyone suggest a course of action please? :confused

Many thanks in advance!:Razz

14-Jul-09, 18:50
I'd suggest that JavaScript is disabled on her browser.

Follow the instructions here:


Niall Fernie
15-Jul-09, 03:01
I'd also think JavaScript is the problem if the menus on Caithness.Org are broken.

I'd imagine that a lot of Facebook is also generated with JavaScript.

Do things work in Firefox? or is that the browser you're having probelms with?

15-Jul-09, 18:29
The new IE8 and XP home is what is on the computer. Still no joy I'm afraid but thanks Metalattak for the link. I followed the instructions but no luck I'm afraid.

I can't download Firefox because of the 'problem'. :)

15-Jul-09, 18:34
You could try uninstalling IE8. It should just roll back to IE7 which I presume worked fine.

Then you can download FireFox. ;)

15-Jul-09, 19:04
Hi, I downloaded Firefox on my own and transferred the setup file on a data stick. Facebook seems to be working OK now using Firefox. Mother will have to use Firefox from now on as the BT browser is also as dud as IE8. Which is a bit strange because Firefox imported all the same Internet options from IE8?!

Thanks both.:Razz