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14-Jul-09, 12:23
When i got in from work on sunday at 8 i decided it was time for my cats to come in(i like them all to be in at night) got 3 out of the 4 but puggy my little princess, wasnt nowhere to be seen and shouting on her normally does the trick as she always comes if i shout for her, anyway after hours of shouting she wouldnt come and i was shattered so decided 1 night on the tiles wouldnt harm her. Got up on monday morning early and went out to shout on her again, the same no puggy, i was starting to think the worst as we live near the main road, i thought that i would go looking for her just incase, but decided to put my tumble dryer on first, turned the dial but it didnt work(the clip is a bit stuborn) anyway opened the dryer to fix the clip and who came bolting out but poor old puggy, soaking went from being stuck with a load of washing since sunday, now i went to work at 2 on sunday afternoon, so it must have happened when i wasnt there. my god im just glad the clip was beng stuborn, if not my poor cat would have been history, she was a bit shock up yesterday but she seems back to her ld self, but she is staying well clear of the tumble dryer, poor puggy.
http://img263.imageshack.us/img263/8310/s6300374.th.jpg (http://img263.imageshack.us/i/s6300374.jpg/)this is princess puggy.

14-Jul-09, 14:00
OMG!!! Lucky Puggy! It's the last place you'd look for a missing cat! She's V pretty! :D

14-Jul-09, 14:49
Good job your machine had a wonky clip........I bet Puggy was glad to get out of her soaking cell.....Whew....glad she is fine and you didn't end up with no Little Puggy.:)

14-Jul-09, 19:34
lucky puggy. but all might not have been lost my mum actually tumble dried my cat clover accidently when she was about 3. mum had gone out to collect washing from the line and didnt check tumble when she came in. the cat had jumped in cos it was warm and my mum threw in the washing switched it on to a big bang went back to have a look out jumped our clover who was fine and has not been near the tumble since,. she is now about 16. oh my mum also shut the cat in the coal bunker for a few hours when she was wee. lol.