View Full Version : is anyone missing a cat in Stanergill Crescent area of Castletown ?

13-Jul-09, 21:35
A Black ''Manx type'' cat has been causing problems for a cat owner in Stanergill Crescent area of Castletown. He has been hanging about for a couple of months and is now ''terrorising this cats owners own cats !
Is there anyone who has a cat answering to this description in the area and noticed he keeps disappearing and seems to be less hungry lately ? ! !
The cat owner has asked Cats Protection to help but first it is necessary to ascertain whether this cat is a stray or does have a home locally .
Please contact the Cat Protection helpline if you know who this cat belongs to. Helpline no 0845 371 4217
Many thanks !

jekyll n hyde
17-Jul-09, 20:15
is this cat black in colour with white under on its chest?.....if so then it is not a manx cat its just a domestic cat with removed tail due to a car accident?

19-Jul-09, 08:36
Thanks for message. I don't know if this cat is Manx, Manx cross or a cat without a tail I'm afraid ! Do you know of a cat without a tail in the area, answering to that description ? The gentleman concerned would very much like to find the owner as he is asking Cats protection to remove the cat as a stray if the owner is not found ; due to the major problems it is causing with his own cats. Thanks !

jekyll n hyde
20-Jul-09, 18:34
If you are saying my description is correct then the cat belong to me, but as we all know we cannot follow nor control what our cats do outside they are independant animals. Please express my apologies to the gentleman in question for any distress caused towards his cats but as i say there is no controlling of the whereabouts these animals go.