View Full Version : Eeek.....and Eeeek again!!!

13-Jul-09, 09:21
well i had my suspisions...... Lima the chinchilla has been looking decidedly round recently, and the last couple of days ive seen her lying on her side in the nest box........and this morning i am proven right.

TWINS!!!! yep, i checked the cage this morning, and lo and behold i could see a tiny set of paws tucked away behind 4 month old big bro Fuffles in the box, and Lima still has blood on her paws, then when Fuffles moved over 2 little faces peered out.

so now i have the job of seperating the sections in the bigger cage where Cheeks and Mojo (1 and 2 year old big brothers ) are to put Cuba (dad) and Fuffles in so give Lima a break and avoid another breedback. after Fuffles was born, all the chins were in one cage and we ended up with a fight breaking out between Cuba and Cheeks, resulting in a trip to the vet for Cheeks to have stitches, and i seperated the boys to their own cage. the fight being a result of mum going straight back into heat (and quite obviously successfully mated again!)

ill try to get pictures later when im sorting the cages, and ill need to try and get hold of the twins to weigh them. this is the first set of both surviving twins ive had, Mojo and Fuffles were the survivers of their litters of twins, no idea why the others didnt make it, but heres hoping this new two have a better chance. and im gonna have to decide whether to keep them, given its gona get rather crowded round here, or send them on to new homes.

13-Jul-09, 13:08
Congratulations on your twin chins..................looking forward to the pics.:)