View Full Version : Live Acoustic Music At Ebenezers

Bill Fernie
24-Nov-03, 00:38
Monday 24 November 2003
Tuesday 25 November 2003
Musicians join Andy Gunn and Peter Gardner for a tune and a session at Ebenezers Bar, Wick on any or both of the two dates.
Andy from Glasgow has played oon Radio and TV and played alingside many famous bands. Many tours around Britain and Europe.
Peter has been in the music scene for 35 years and plays guitar and harmonicas. Play son tour mainly in Scotland, Germany and Austria.
Come along and join these guys for a session.
All welcome for what is likely to be a great couple of nights from these acccomplished musicians

24-Nov-03, 16:58
yeah worth going to see andy gunn playing live got to say he is an amazing guitarist