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12-Jul-09, 14:38
When I was out with the dog this morning along the South Head I caught a glimpse of a triangular fin in the water about 30 yards offshore. I thought it was a porpoise at first but the fin had a distinct triangular shape. It was totally unlike any porpoise I have seen in this area. It was then I noticed what turned out to be the tail appearing every now and again just behind the fin. I went down on to the rocks and watched for about 20 minutes as it swam back and forth very close in. It eventually disappeared in a Southerly direction.
It was quite dark in colour (probably very dark grey) and had the definite characteristics of a shark swimming at the surface. The tail was definitely shark like in appearance. It looked to be about 6 feet between the tail and the fin, which would make it 8 - 10 feet long I would guess. I wish I`d had a camera because I would have got a good shot it was so close in.
Anyway, thought I`d share this in case anyone else has seen anything similar. I`m thinking it must be a porbeagle, or maybe a young basking shark. It was swimming very slowly. Any ideas anyone?

12-Jul-09, 15:08
Sounds like it will be a basking shark.

Even Chance
21-Jul-09, 13:40
The most Northerly shark attack in the world happened near Wick.
Fisherman Hans Joachim Schapper was bitten on the arm by a small shark whilst fishing off Wick in June 1960.
Was it a Portbeagle?
Anybody got any more info on this one??

30-Aug-09, 09:55
therer was a more recent attack on a young man by a shark,

this happened in the camps area of the town a young man was taken by a shark apparently there are quiet a few sharks around this area,