View Full Version : Broken Guitar

12-Jul-09, 11:30
This is quite an amusing video (and family friendly)

This band were flying with United Airlines when they looked out the window and saw the baggage handlers throwing their guitar cases around. The singer's custom made guitar was broken. The airline apparently refuses to take the blame, so the singer has said he is writing 3 songs about this and posting them on the internet.
This is the first one, the next is being made.

13-Jul-09, 10:29
what a fantastic way to respond and the amount of hits they've had since 6th july is massive, see they have put out an official statement since the response from united airlines
they're quite good as well

David Banks
13-Jul-09, 10:43
. . . words to live by.
It is also a lot of the talk, right here in Halifax.
He was well known locally, and United bought him his 15 minutes.