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10-Jul-09, 19:43
Had lunch at the French Restaurant yesterday was really nice. Lovely surroundings and really nice staff. Had a lovely prawn baquette, nice wine, Creme brulee & Cappacino. Very nice. Relaxing ladies lunch :D

10-Jul-09, 21:53
I will second that I love going for dinner in the french restaurant, although havent been in a while come to think of it.:(

11-Jul-09, 20:37
I agree its luvely

Alice in Blunderland
16-Jul-09, 19:39
We have never been dissappointed when eating in the French restaurant. :)

The food is excellent the wine is very good and the service is first class. Its so nice when Danny comes out for a chat as well. I just wish he would pop in and visit me and bring his apron.:D

17-Jul-09, 06:41
When we have friends come and stay with us. We always take them there. Really outstanding food. I would say the best you can get in the area ;)

Tackity Boo
18-Jul-09, 11:56
Have to agree with the above coments. Food is certainly fresh and well cooked but I find the vegetables a bit of a dissapointment. It has been the same side dish since the day they opened. Come to think of it the menu hasn't changed much either over the years, especially the puddings, surely they could intrduce a few using seasonal fruits.

18-Jul-09, 13:03
:roll: Not sure what planet I've been on but where is this French Restuarant as it sounds good

18-Jul-09, 13:18
Have to agree the French Restaraunt is one of the best up here, along sides with, maybe just beaten by Forss House.

18-Jul-09, 13:31
:roll: Not sure what planet I've been on but where is this French Restuarant as it sounds good

Its on the left hand side as you come over the service bridge coming from the harbour. Its called bord de leu. Behind the social work building.

Tackity Boo
18-Jul-09, 13:35
Hoida, the French Restaurant called Bord de L'eau is 2 Market Street Wick.
Don't expect proper French dishes. There is a lot of fish, a range of meat and poultry and a lighter lunch menu on offer. It is certainly good quality food cooked well but quite British. There are on occasions frogs legs and snails in garlic. That is about as French as it gets.