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08-Jul-09, 15:09
ok,, i have been havin a wee looky on t'interweb for tattooists in Edinburgh,,, and i see there are several...Has anyone had first hand experience of any there??? any recommendations...?
thankin youse in advance :-)

08-Jul-09, 18:45
and here was me clicking on this thinking it was about the milarty do!

08-Jul-09, 20:04
Guy i work with just had one done in Tiki Monkey in Edinburger, really good linework and colours.
Heard good things about Tribal aswell!

I would highly recommend the guys at InverInk in Inverness tho, the work that i've seen and had done myself in there is awesome!! :D

08-Jul-09, 20:20
and here was me clicking on this thinking it was about the milarty do!

Glad i wasnt the only one !!!!!

08-Jul-09, 20:40
Speak to HibeeChick she has had experience of an amazing one.

09-Jul-09, 09:42
Tribal Tattoo. Definitely. If you phone up and tell them that you're going to be in Edinburgh whenever, they will fit you in. All I had to do was e-mail them the design and wording that I wanted.

09-Jul-09, 11:51
thanks y'all
i have been looking at Tribal on t'interweb and am drawn towards these guys...plenty of time as not goin down til about october.

05-Oct-09, 16:58
Just back from a visit, and well impressed. I got lost on the way there and Roz from the shop foned me and talked the directions to us :-)
would recommend them no bother.

06-Oct-09, 12:15
Yeah not the easiest place to find if you dont know that area. Did you get one then or just in a look?

06-Oct-09, 16:38
http://i70.photobucket.com/albums/i120/jings00/mytattoo.jpg Just after it was done

07-Oct-09, 08:52
Very nice!!

07-Oct-09, 09:03
thank you :-)
i am deeply chuffed with it ;-)