View Full Version : flash player/java scripting??

08-Jul-09, 10:29
Hi I hope someone can help. Everytime my little one goes to you tube to watch her favourite movies, it is now coming up saying:
you either have javasctipt turned off on need to update flash player.
I have checked active scripting and its on enable, I have also uploaded new flash player, but it still doesnt want to work!!!!!
Any suggestions, Im not very computer minded, and am getting a little annoyed!!!!!!!!!
Please help!!!!!!!!!!

08-Jul-09, 14:10
I've had customers with similar problems and in the majority of cases it was the Flash player which was at fault - usually through a corrupted installation when using Adobe websites automated Active-X installer.

The solution was to download and install the stand-alone Flash installation file, the link to which can be found 2/3rd of the way down this page (http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/191/tn_19166.html).