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07-Jul-09, 23:08
Brenon has always been a greedy wee so and so. Which i did not mind to be honest, he is a growing lad.

But lately he has been eating so much!

Before we had brenon, Fintans bowl was never empty, but he would never over-eat. Just pick and go as he pleased which was fine.

So when i put food in the bowl in the morning brenon eats the lot, i dont put alot in because i expect this now. But he will find whatever else he can, scoff it and then be sick everywhere.

Just concerned about my little guy. Doesnt matter how much i restrict his eating, he finds something else. Even if its grass! mingin eh!

I also tried letting him eat at certain times of the day, then taking the bowl away.

Also feed Fintan seperately or else he will get nothing! brenon will eat the lot!

Any advice? :cool:

08-Jul-09, 03:29
Only advice I can think of is,.. ask your VET!:confused

Kevin Milkins
08-Jul-09, 10:16
Has he been wormed recently?

If my dogs ever behave this way (espeacialy eating grass) I give them a routine worming.

08-Jul-09, 10:35
Only advice I can think of is,.. ask your VET!:confused

I just thought he was being greedy!

Has he been wormed recently?

If my dogs ever behave this way (espeacialy eating grass) I give them a routine worming.

Thanks Kevin will try worming again. Will get some more today.

08-Jul-09, 11:14
Dogs will sometime eat grass(which has some Amino acids) to induce vomiting if they’re not feeling well,which is a natural and fairly healthy way to fight illness.
One of our dog's has started wolfing down his food as if he was being starved, He'll raid the bin if one of the kids put a sweetie wrapper in it, If the other dog leaves some food in his bowl, the bracken will steal it too. You cant set out a plate of food for guests as he will go for it. They've both been wormed. He has just turnned from a very lovable dog into a complete nightmare.
I have started feeding him less but more often so will see if that helps

08-Jul-09, 19:51
Well brenon is staying with my mum for the next 10 days whilst i am on holiday. Not fair to leave him on his own. Fintan will be looked after by my sister.

But mum is going to keep check on how much he is eating. She does this with her dog anyways.

Also checking his poo (sounds disgusting) but keeping an eye for worms. No sign. Hopefully it stays that way with wormer stuffs! :Razz

08-Jul-09, 20:38
bennys the same shelley, he never stops eating. he eats more than any of my other 3 he especially loves wotsits.

08-Jul-09, 23:46
It does sound like worms and it is not uncommon not to see any sign of them in his dooooos.............worms, worms and more worms I would say.;)

09-Jul-09, 10:48
He has been wormed before. Do it as regular as the stuff says too. Hopefully he will get better soon. :cool:

I know mum will take good care of him just now too! :)

12-Jul-09, 02:21
When we got Taj we had similar problems. He never made himself sick but he used to eat everything and not leave any for Caramel who likes to pick.

I think he did it because his previous owner only fed him once a day where as with us he gets fed twice a day 12 hours apart with always biscuits to munch on.

We had to feed both cats seperatley and take the food bowl away after they were done. With patience Taj realised that it was still going to be there later and he could come back for more if he wanted to.

My mum has three males kittens and only one of them isn't a greedy guts but the 2 that are, are going to be big cats like Taj. So can see why they need that bit more.

Maybe its a tom thing as i have never had any problem with my queen Caramel doing this.

Brennon could be going through a growth sprut and maybe thats why he is eating more and not stopping when his stomach has had enough.

12-Jul-09, 23:28
we had to feed our two sperately as tigger was a real piggie , rite up to a few weeks before he died so it is normal for one to eat more than the other xxxxxxxxxxxxx