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20-Mar-06, 03:34
Just letting those who are interested know, that there's a new Bowls forum set up for North-East Scotland.
It's for indoor as well as outdoor clubs, and is meant to inject some life back into the game and the area.


20-Mar-06, 10:19
Crown green bowls is the only game worth playing. Other forms of bowls are for those that can't master Crown green. ;)

20-Mar-06, 17:11
Thats not an uncommon attitude! LOL Personally I prefer lawn bowls. I've tried indoor bowls, but I can't get used to it.
The site however is for ALL clubs and their members. I just hope that players can see the potential and register. :)

21-Mar-06, 00:09
Hi Rhegers, I was asked a question the other night regarding the height of the crown in a crown green. Needless to say I hadn't a clue, and neither did anybody else in the company.

What is the height of the crown in the middle??

21-Mar-06, 00:45
I haven't heard of anything in the rules that stipulates a minimum or maximum height of the crown. This results in the interesting and quirky aspect of the game as all greens are different. The home side will have a big advantage on a 'tricky' green but I find that the better players always seem to want to play on more even cambered greens than the ones with inordinately steep crowns or irregular undulations.

My home green in Cumbria was one such tricky green but I found that away teams got used to it over the years and so made for a closer match.

This sort of aspect is said to be missing from lawn bowls. I hope to join Thurso bowls this year, in fact I'd better get a move on if I want to get in the team. LOL

Also in crown green it is a great advantage in being a left hander, yes, I am one LOL!

21-Mar-06, 11:40

Thanks for that, didn't know there was no maximum or minimum, that would make it very interesting.

There are some quirky bits in lawn bowls as well, you will find some greens terrible, and good greens will have difficult rinks.

I look forward to meeting you on Thurso green, I myself am a member of St Fergus in Wick. There are some good players and great people play in Thurso, I always look forward to playing there.

The social side can be very good as well.