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06-Jul-09, 22:39
Can anyone suggest an upgrade for my Graphics Card. I am running
a 32 bit operating system and inadvertently bought a 64 bit card. Needless to say it would not work. Can anyone advise on a suitable upgrade from a bog standard Radeon X300

06-Jul-09, 23:32
Try the ATI Radeon HD 4800 series. Very good value for money with excellent performance. I am running a Sapphire HD 4870 and have had no problems on XP 32.

07-Jul-09, 00:08
This dosn't sound right to me, most cards will run with either 32bit or x64bit just different drivers.

You meaning u bought a PCI-E rather than an AGP ???????

Whats the Motherboard, CPU and Power Supply (or make of PC), then someone will be able to help you out.

To suggest a HD 4800 series is a good idea, but only if your PC is upto it.

Personally i would have one of THESE (http://www.aria.co.uk/Products/Components/Graphics+Cards/PCI-E/nVIDIA+GTX+260%2F280+Series/nVidia+GeForce+GTX+260+896MB+PCI-E+?productId=34394) ,, will struggle to get a better card for the money....but need a good PSU as u do for any good card these days !!!!!!

07-Jul-09, 23:28
Hi, it is 32 bit operating system i am running but unfortunately so is my processor/motherboard. I have a Dell Dimension 5000 with a 3Gig processor 2Gig Ram All the new cards seem to be either 64 bit, 128 bit and so on and on. They just dont seem to make 32 bit ones any more that i can see. I just purchased a Gigabyte HD4350 but the screen colour is yellow/lime greenish. although it worked the colour would not adjust. Any ideas?

08-Jul-09, 08:49
You don't generally need to worry about the card being 64 bit of 128 bit when you buy one. The only thing you need to worry about is the 'slot' it will fit into. For example don't buy a PCI-E card if you don't have a PCI-E slot.

The colour on your screen sound like it could be a monitor cable problem. If you wiggle it at the end that goes into the computer and also at the monitor end, do the colours change?