View Full Version : Introducing my two new horses (and myself)

05-Jul-09, 19:37
I moved to Watten about 4 weeks ago and now have 2 beautiful horses on my bit of land. I have just bought Inkstack Imperial, a 3 month old Welsh x Highland foal and Colourville Sundae a yearling filly.





Impy, Sundae and Imperial's mum


05-Jul-09, 19:49
Impy is so cute! My perfect horse as well, combining two of my fave breeds :D Welcome to the forum, I for one am looking forward to hearing more about yourself and your ponies :D

05-Jul-09, 20:22
welcome to orgland and Watten, am also guilty of being from same area and have a wee hilly of horses might cross paths at some point!

05-Jul-09, 22:36
Hello Leanne and welcome to Caithness, the Org and especially Pets Corner.

Your horses are beautiful!:D

05-Jul-09, 22:44
Thanks peeps. I've just relocated taking a job in the lab at the hospital. Looking forwards to all the local shows and things. I'm absolutely loving it here so far...

05-Jul-09, 22:48
You arrived at a good time with the lovely weather! Seeing it at it's best.

Glad you are settling in and looks like your lovely horses are as well.

06-Jul-09, 00:42
Your horses are georgeous and Watten is a lovely area to live........but I plead guilty to being biased.
More pics please...............:)

06-Jul-09, 19:35
hey Leanne it's Mairi Anne - glad your neddys are settling in well :-)

Hope you're enjoying your new place so far :-)

06-Jul-09, 20:00
Lovely looking horses, you have done yourself proud,well done :)

06-Jul-09, 20:46
Welcome to Caithness! Luvly horses & Great photo's!!! Just luv lookin at photo's on Org!!! :D

06-Jul-09, 20:53
Thanks for all the kind comments - I feel so lucky. The best view from the house is the loo - looking out over the horse paddock :)

Hi Mairi-Ann - I really need to get my ass in gear to have a rummage round at yours again :) I feel a spending spree coming on. Another one... :confused

06-Jul-09, 21:26
haha - nice one - must come a nose sometime - are you going to latheron show?? think i will be taking a stand - can fill me in on how they are doing then - they look great in the lovely looking grass....my big monster that Skye was replacing for a while is like a barrel right now..... sigh.......

06-Jul-09, 21:41
What date is the Latheron show? I will be there, but horseless... Wil stop by for a chat and a catch up. If you are ever passing Watten stop by for a nosy :)

09-Jul-09, 21:21
Latheron is this saturday 11th and the county show is following sat ;-