View Full Version : lovely time of year to try geocaching

lynne duncan
05-Jul-09, 11:51
want something to do with the kids this year then try geocaching

its like hide and seek/treasure hunting
really you should have a gps, but with the ones up here just a good knowledge of the area and you'll find them

we've found 4 so far
bairns think it is good fun

05-Jul-09, 20:56
It's also great fun when you set a cache. We have one on Skye and the compliments we get from visitors are terrific.

06-Jul-09, 10:11
I'll have to have a look at that...love a treasure hunt :)

Mind you I know where one of the local ones are already....I happened upon it by accident about 5 years ago...of course it may have moved by now :eek:

08-Jul-09, 18:43
I posted on this last year. I fancy having a go but I cannot justify spending money on a GPS when I know it will never get used for anything else.

08-Jul-09, 19:23
Hi Lynne, it looks very interesting but do you need a gps or can you do it the old fashioned way with a map and compass? If you do need a gps how much do they cost?

08-Jul-09, 19:57
It looks very interesting but do you need a gps or can you do it the old fashioned way with a map and compass? If you do need a gps how much do they cost?

Hey, lots of information here
http://www.geocaching.com/resources/ .

A map and compass may not cut it I'm afraid.

08-Jul-09, 21:31
Thanks Pantsman, I have joined and am hoping that I get some advice about a secondhand gps.

David Banks
09-Jul-09, 19:33
Now I'm showing my age.
Was just reading the recent thread titles and as I was reading one silently to myself I thought "lovely time of year to do what at geos?"
. . . and then it sunk in.

lynne duncan
10-Jul-09, 10:12
wickwitch, we have just purchased a garmin e trex about 70 but boy is it accurate got me to within 2 steps of my closest geocach,
but saying that the 3 closest geocaches to us, we found without the gps unit as the online clues and pictures on the geocach website were enough to find the location quite easily.

my 3 kids love this and we are planning to go to alness next week and try finding some down there with my pal's kids

so wick witch if you are in wick then try the one at the staxigoe memorial or the noss head picnic area one, they are really easy, though please remember geocach code and return them in same place out of sight

there is one at the somerfield car park but we haven't found it yet

we bought our gps from amazon

10-Jul-09, 16:16
Thanks for that Lynne

Beat Bug
12-Jul-09, 14:58
Lynne, the one at Somerfields car park is the easiest one ever! Look at the spoiler pictures, and you can't miss it! My sister, on holiday from Dublin knew where to find it from the pictures. Didn't even need the sat nav!

lynne duncan
07-Aug-09, 20:12
have managed to find the ones at dunnet head ham harbour and dunnet forest last week, was planning the one at rumster, whaligoe and old man his week but our car is u/s at the moment but as soon as it is going again then we'll try