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04-Jul-09, 17:19
I've noticed that Thurso has gone very downhill in accommodating kids activities and such.

As i got older, more and more of the swingparks have been dismantled. Alot of which use to be fairly busy when i was young but looking back on it now, it doesn't look too safe/appealing to children. I noticed the round-a-bout at the swingpark at the tennis courts was taken away leaving a pole sticking out the ground with a black bin bag tied to it, i assume, as a "safety measure". The big blue shoot(slide) was also taken away(Right enough kids were jumping off the top and hurting themselves) but something else could of been done about it. The skatepark is more dangerous than childsafe what with uneven ground, amateurly designed "half pipe" skate ramp and climbing deathtrap.

I'd like to hear peoples takes on the things to do for kids(minus clubs, not every kid likes clubs :/) What was it like for you growing up? Would there be anything you'd change?

Please Note: This isn't for turning into an argument, everyone is entitled to their opinion and is open for discussion. :D

04-Jul-09, 17:37
The swing parks were much better when i was young mind not much older than you connor;)

I remember distinctly having a roundabout in the one near one of my many homes when growing up, that went really fast and you had to hold on real tight to stop falling of as it went down in a angle. I once fell of and almost broke my arm. Got really lucky that day.

04-Jul-09, 17:37
the swing park by the tennis courts have the round about back, it was getting painted.

i know what you mean tho we took our 5year old out for a walk and to go to the swings and the parks are awful!

04-Jul-09, 18:13
The park by pennyland is pants. The swings are not safe. 1 baby swing broken. The round about is dangerous. and the shoot is soon to be taken away.

The other park near us had the sea-saw taken away and the shoot. Its just a few swings. :confused

Whats the poing in going if there is nothing appealing? Kids get bored of swings within minutes.

04-Jul-09, 18:22
There is a fantastic swing park around river ness. It is part of a walk way area around the river. It has a train that has its own long track. A huge massive slide with proper stairs to it instead of steps, it has a swing that is for kids off all ages, you can put a child that can't sit up yet in it:D , a large duck pond, several swings, a seperate play park with a couple of swings and other things, has one of those huge massive round swings, two climbing frames(small and large) and so much more. its brilliant:D A big kid as well as child's dream play time. As well as the play park the walk way is fantastic and my partner and myself have yet to walk all the way round and thats after walking around it for three hours. it covers a huge distance.

04-Jul-09, 19:21
All the swings up here are tatty anyways. Half of it is picked off, if not chewing gum on it or wrapped completely around the bar at the top.

04-Jul-09, 22:03
All the swings up here are tatty anyways. Half of it is picked off, if not chewing gum on it or wrapped completely around the bar at the top.

Im sick of un-wrapping the swings for the kids! Especially the baby swings because they are quite heavy. :mad:

Also i have seen broken beer bottles and things in the parks. Its not on. A child or adult could hurt themselves on it.

Alice in Blunderland
04-Jul-09, 22:25
Unfortunatley you will find this more and more that the parks are falling apart. :(

The council have little or no maintenance budget to paint - repair the swings so when they start to fall apart they are taken away.

This is a sign of the times when the budgets are being cut to the bone something has to go.................... and they call it progress. :confused

04-Jul-09, 22:28
the play park in Glengolly has no swings or slide anymore...its a real pain as our kids cant exactly get into town to play unless someone takes them.

The Council take them away under "safety grounds" then dont bring them back...its awful for the kids. But if we tried to get replacements the council wouldnt like it either.

Obviously kids arent really improtant to them [disgust]

I know that the council are strapped for cash but they still seem to have money for gaelic signs and new carpets for the library, etc.

sorry...it just makes me mad.[evil]

05-Jul-09, 10:32
Well obviously it's more important to spend money on Gaelic signs (which of course we all so desperately need [disgust] ) than maintaining children's play equipment.

Whatever happened to "a stitch in time" ?

05-Jul-09, 10:43
Dont we also vote in the same old useless councillers year in year out who only really seem to give a damn about the 35+ age group.

05-Jul-09, 10:59
I frequent the swing parks now due to having a child and it is terrible. The play equipment is steadily removed and rarely replaced. There are never more than two baby swings anywhere. If you live out of the town you have to make do with practically nothing unless you go to the few good swing parks like in Castletown or Lybster.

The excuse of safety is often used to justify removing things but what is safe about leaving a roundabout pivot with only a black bag on it while the roundabout is being painted? (Thurso by tennis courts)

It's pitiful when we are supposed to be encouraging outdoor play. I know you can make your own fun outside but that doesn't mean there shouldn't be play equipment.