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04-Jul-09, 11:02
Ok i know i cant expect much but come on!!!

Well we have had our wee mac now for two weeks, and i know thats not long when toilet training but i swear he knows he is doing it, i am taking him out 15mins or so after eating and drinking, the door is open so he can then go in and out when he pleases, but he will come in to do the toilet on the carpet!! I have even caught him in mid drift put him outside he doesnt do anything then he came back in and went to do it again.

i have tried the newspapers, puppy pads, my hands are in bits with all the scrubbing and disinfectant.

ANY TIPS please share them with me!!!

hes lucky he is sooo cute!!!!! and we are all still loving him!!

04-Jul-09, 11:07
when bubbles was training we put her out every hour on the hour. clean the fllor with bleach or something else like pine sol where he goes in the house to remove the scent. and just keep at it! *G*

04-Jul-09, 12:15
First remove the smell that takes wee Mac back to his 'spot' the best to use is bicarbonate soda...sprinkle on and leave for a couple of hours, hoover off.
As for Mac try this......after feeding and watering before you would normally let him out gently palpate his lower abdomen two or three times to make him aware he needs the loo. Say to him.piddly widdly time and take him out. Again do the palpating and repeat. While outside [you need patience for this bit] keep saying do a piddle etc and as soon ashe does hea praise on him with lots of cuddles. You want him to know the word piddle is fun.............I have used this and found it works every time......glad he is still a wee bundle of love.........patience, lots of patienc.....:)

04-Jul-09, 15:07
To get Mac to use the newspaper, try getting some wee onto the newspaper so that he can smell it on there, then make a huge fuss every time he uses it. He will sometimes put his paws on the paper while weeing off target, but praise him anyway for trying.

Once he gets the hang of using the paper, put it near the door, when you see him heading for the paper, grab him quick and run outside, and wait as long as possible. He may at first wait to get back to the newspaper, but hang in there. When finally does do any business outside make a huge fuss of him.

Be prepared to miss TV programmes, and dropping everything you are doing to run outside with him, but the good news is, if you persevere, he should get the hang of it in 2 or 3 weeks.

04-Jul-09, 16:14
He is a PUPPY..it takes a lot of time ,effort,frustration and effort.Ithought i would never get my baby basset house trained...........but after a lot of patience,time and effort..no problems.

Just be patient and keep at it...good luck.:D

04-Jul-09, 20:07
Its not easy is it! When i had my lurcher Ty that was a resuce dog, he was never house trained. So i would have to sit outside with him for ages! One night i sat out in the freezing cold for 3 hours saying "go pee ty" constantly!! People walking past thought i was mad!

But going out every hour seemed to work with him. Took a while because he knew no better because he was used to going where he stood.

Hang in there! :Razz Persistance is the key! And patience! ;)

Also forgot to add, dont know if its any difference with cats but with Brenon it took about 4 weeks to get him trained to go to the litter tray on his own. He goes out in the garden now. Uses his litter tray if im not about to let him out.

04-Jul-09, 20:38
Hmmm.... sounds V familiar! When we got our Scottie, we were told that Scottie's were famous for taking a while to house train, but I just thought that it depends on how you train the puppy and how conistant you were with them. We tried everything, asked for advice from loads of people, went online and read puppy books.... nowt worked! It took 3/4 months before he was house trained!!!! But once he 'got it' that was it! Everyone said it would happen like a 'flick of a switch' and it did!!! He's always clean now and a total joy to have! Keep up the patients.... its WELL WORTH IT!!! :D

04-Jul-09, 21:52
thanks everyone with all your comments and tips will def keep it up and am crossing my fingers that his switch will turn on soon, as i think i wont have much carpet left by the end of all this scrubbing,

got a cage today as someone had suggested putting him in that at night time, so will give it a try, he is also very unsettled if i am not in with him, not that he gets left as i am at home all the time, but when nipping to the shop he is frantic and that leeds to some amount of mess in the kitchen.

suppose he is only little (11 weeks) so sometime soon he'll get the idea,

thanks again

04-Jul-09, 22:35
Dogs don't mess where they sleep and eat. He might wee in the cage once or twice only to realize how unpleasant it is as he can't walk away. He should then stop doing it.
11 weeks is young and you will have to listen to him carefully to learn when he is telling you he needs out of the cage to have a wee.
Never even say so much as a word if he does soil your carpet, as a frightened dog is likely to wee in the house to calm you down. Young dogs often show they are submissive by having a sprinkle just in front of you when you are telling them off. It is rather confusing for them if that makes you be more upset.
So clean up quietly after him but make a big fuss and show how happy you are when he goes outside.
If you are going for the newspaper training method then make sure it's not near his food or sleeping place and once he does use it move it towards the door every day.
I wouldn't suggest scoping him up to take him outside. He is likely to worry about what's happening or getting excited about having a cuddle, then he'll forget about the toilet business.
If you can let him walk. As long as he has his wee the other side of the door you are moving in the right direction. As he gets older he will move further away from your house to do his business.

Good luck and lots of patience.

05-Jul-09, 23:04
thanks everyone for all the great advice, its been great to get a bit of support.